Thursday, 14 November 2019


The ETSZK team reached the podium at the First Aid Contest

On the 27th of March, 2019, the 48th National First Aid Contest - organized by the Hungarian Red Cross - took place at the Péter Klúg School in Szeged, where the ETSZK (Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies) team won the second place.


The Hungarian Red Cross has been organizing first aid competitions since 1971. The aim of these competitions are the popularization and providing opportunity to young people for developing and practicing of their first aid skills.

Thanks to the accident simulators – the competition can take place in real-life conditions in three categories (child, youth, adult).


Competitors were able to demonstrate their theoretical and practical knowledge at 12 accident sites this year.

The 5-member team of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies, named “Life Saver Dragons”, won the 2nd place in the adult category. Moreover they were especially praised for the professional care of a competitor, who suddenly got sick during the competition.


Among others, the tasks included handling an accident in a cellar, resuscitation of an infant, taking care of an accident in a bathroom and professional care of traumatic injuries.


During the competition it was possible to try how quickly one can put on a fire suit. With the help of a “drunk glasses” simulator, the attention was drawn to the dangers of drunk driving.



Congratulations on the great performance!

Members of the team: Zsuzsanna Zavarkó (team captain), Veronika Belső, Blanka Szanka, Brigitta Lengyel, Milán Markella.


Thanks for the enthusiastic contribution to the imitators who played an important role during the preparation.


Preparatory teachers: Ágnes Glózik and Pál Bakó.

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