Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Greetings from the Dean

Welcome to the website of The Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies, University of Szeged.

Our Faculty is an independent Faculty at the defining University in the southern region: the University of Szeged. At the Faculty, professionals are trained in the fields of health sciences and social sciences representing the health assistance profession.

Within the walls of our institution, not only those courses are available that are decades old, but also those that are entirely new and unique.

The region’s health visitor training is completely intertwined with our Faculty, no wonder, as in its history our Institution has been offering this training for more than 75 years. For several decades, our Faculty has been training nurses, physiotherapists and social workers. In autumn 2014, our training expanded further when we launched, jointly with the Faculty of Dentistry, the dental hygienist specialization. Currently, this training is offered in Hungary only at the University of Szeged.

The efforts at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies are aimed to train professionals who have the highest European standards of theoretical and practical knowledge and thus are able to carry out, on a high level, the work of health promotion, rehabilitation and the instigation of integration of the various social groups and communities.

Our students regularly achieve good results on national academic competitions and our graduated students perform well not only in Hungary, but also abroad which move is greatly supported by the extensive international relations of our Faculty as well.

The town of Szeged and the University offer a perfect platform for our students to become not only highly skilled professionals during their years in higher education, but also to live a diverse community life.

I sincerely wish you all that during your lifetime you make use of the immense knowledge, experience and information you learn at our Faculty.


Edina Berta Héderné PhD


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